final report (read: i’m done!)

11 05 2010

There is still so much to write about but I’ve done enough writing for now.  The final report has been submitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs at Pratt and soon I’ll be sending it out to others.   Feel free to take a look at my findings and final recommendations.  If you’re bored, like my brother was, you’re even welcome to read the whole thing.  Comments are always appreciated.

–>  Campus Area Biking Final Report <–

new map

24 03 2010

Find the nearest rack on campus

I’ve put together a map of all the bike rack locations on Pratt’s Brooklyn campus.  For new students arriving to Pratt, this could be an incredibly useful tool.  The hope is that it would also encourage the use of racks, rather than illegally parking the racks to sign posts and fences.  Hopefully over the years, there will be more highlighted circles added to the map noting new racks!

For now, I’m impressed with the work the Pratt has done with adding more racks to needed locations.  There were 70 new racks added by the Design Studios with the redesign of the Grand Walk and 48 racks were added by the Engineering building this past summer.  I’d like to take credit for such improvements but I can’t.  Pratt stepped it up.

Next, it would be my hope that they improve the rack infrastructure by the dorms (more racks—maybe some that are covered) and maybe more importantly, by Higgins Hall.  An increase in capacity as well as a more efficient design is critical!  Hope the map is useful!

check it…

10 03 2010

Google Maps for bikes!

it might not actually be on…

25 02 2010

it’s a long story and when i’m feeling less depressed about it, i’ll post an update of the possibly canceled ride.  :o(

mapping routes

1 02 2010

On the Bike Usage Survey that was sent out in October, I asked students to submit their route to campus.  I received over 275 responses.  I have an idea for creating an online mapping resource which I discussed with VH of  TOPP last week but, before doing anything online, I’d like to map these routes doing it the old school way–using a NYC bike map and a pen.  It’s going to be a little tricky but I think if it works, it’s going to look awesome and hopefully provide some useful insight.

Look for images in the “project documents” page next week!