next week is gonna be a busy one

19 02 2010

Since I’ve been recovering from a slight (read: annoying) cold, I haven’t had much time to spend on my data analysis–something I was hoping to do this week.  Next week, I’ve got lots of things going on and to be honest, I’m much more productive that way.  I’ve got three exciting meetings planned next week, one with LT and CJ to discuss the Campus Area Bike Ride we have planned for Green Week.  The major concern I have is liability.  ER has to give the go ahead and I’m concerned he’s not going to be fully supportive.  We’ll also be talking about the best ways to get students to sign up and how we’re going to promote the event.

On Wednesday, I have a meeting with AG-K to also talk about the event’s promotion, printing, design etc.  I’m also going to be talking with her about how I can get one of her interns a bit more involved in the project–if she/he’s interested.  I’d like to do some reaching out to the local bike shops and that’s one thing I could use an extra set of hands for.  Also, if they’re interested in designing posters etc.  I hope they’ll have the time to put towards helping me out.

The other meeting scheduled is on Thursday with CW, CJ, and AG-K (and possibly EL of Student Affairs).  We’ll be discussing policy recommendations and hopefully hashing out a clear plan to propose to Dr. A to implement in the summer.  We’ll also discuss developing literature that may be useful to hand out during the Transportation Tuesday of Green Week (the day of our ride–3/30).  I’d also like to talk with them about how they see this blog/website functioning within Pratt’s web system.  I’m not sure how possible it is to integrate them but, I’ve established something real here and I think it would be a waste to not figure out how we can begin combining efforts with the Pratt IT team.

Besides the planning the agendas for the meetings, I will also be working on survey analysis, answering interview questions for the awesome blog of former Pratt student, Vanessa Marie Robinson , and writing an article for the GCPE newsletter.  In addition to that, I’d also like to begin planning out and organizing how I’d like to formally present my capstone which will be given in a few short months (ahhh!).  I’ve also been asked by the landscape architecture firm working on Pratt’s master plan to provide some information to them regarding Pratt’s bike culture.

Like I said, next week is gonna be a busy one…

exciting findings

26 01 2010

total # of bike commuters vs. non bike commuters

I’ve been using excel as a tool to better understand my survey data and here are a few hard facts–check out these graphs to the right. I must first admit—this information is REALLY REALLY exciting! Ok–so…Of my total population of 686 people surveyed (note; there were a total of 726 responses to the survey however data from 40 responder was eliminated due to incomplete data rendering it useless)60% of respondents were cycling commuters. 40% were not. This is represented in the purple graph.

breakdown of non commuters

I then wanted to breakout the non commuters to understand whether those people had ever considered riding. This is represented by the green graph. As you can see, I looked at people who owned bikes, and those who didn’t own bikes–this may provide some context for why some didn’t commute via bike. If you look closely, you can see that a total of 33% of non commuters were bike owners. I broke this out to see, of those bike owning, non bike commuters, which ones have ever considered riding to campus. 23% have considered.

The question is: what is stopping them? If you total up, of the 40% of non cycling commuters to Pratt, 59% of those responders have considered riding to campus (36% of non bike owners + the 23% of bike owners). With just this little bit of data, we can conclude from this information that there is huge potential for increasing bike use on the Pratt campus. 59% of the non commuters–that’s huge!

Now what…? More survey analysis! Who knew I could love excel so much?

in need of more

26 01 2010

I know. I know. This blog is desperately in need of a formal update. After taking the winter break off from this project completely – I’m now back in the saddle, ready to move this project forward.

Two big accomplishments: The video below, completed by BC and A(last name initial unknown). Very exciting. BC is also looking to put together a video of the Design Jam. I am working on getting still images to post on the blog of the event. The other great feat was getting a direct link to Campus Area Biking’s CSDS website. Click on the bike logo (designed by DJ) and it will take you to the CAB site. The goal is to build up with website to include links to resources, maps, student projects and more–that will be requiring most of my time this spring.

Right now, I am formatting the notes from the Jam (late, I know)and a draft of the formal recommendations will soon follow. Those will be posted (and emailed) for review and comments. After the comment period, I will submit to the main heads on campus, including the President (why not, right?). This semester is all about reaching out with this project. It can no longer remain insular. I will be engaging heavily with the office of Student Affairs, NYPIRG reps and students/faculty directly. Many people have mentioned getting the community board’s transportation rep involved. I like the idea–but not sure yet how best to approach this. It has also been suggested that I narrow my focus on the accomplish-able things. I also agree with this and will spend this week narrowing my focus on what the Spring semester holds for CAB.

Until then, please be patient–updates on the Jam and Draft recommendations are to follow asap. Oh yeah—and…what do you think about a time laps video of the Higgins Hall racks? Hmmm……


19 11 2009

I’m in recovery from the Design Jam. Currently, I am transcribing the notes from the evening and putting them into a format that can be uploaded to the blog.

I have also realized the importance of a website and I have been sketching up some ideas that could but potential layouts for information sharing, resources, policies, etc.  I came away from he Design Jam feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  Those who participated had a lot of thoughtful insight and didn’t hold back on their questions or with their suggestions. Though we were missing key reputation from security and facilities (WS and RS both had the flu), I think there was a substantial amount of representation from other administrators which was extremely valuable.

In the coming days, I will be uploading the information gathered from the Jam, my personal “take-aways”, lessons learned, and next steps. It is an ambitions goal, but it is my plan to have a completed set of formal recommendations out to the campus administration before the end of the fall semester. That means receiving public feedback via the website and this blog as soon as possible. To accomplish this, I must have a draft prepared and completed after the Thanksgiving holiday break and then up for comment for a week–maybe two. I will then submit formal recommendations after that point. Hopefully, I will be able to arrange a formal meeting with (at least) EC and hopefully ER to present my findings and my recommendations. Right now for me, motivation is key…

design jam. today

12 11 2009

I’ve been planning this thing out like crazy. Which is why my posts have been limited (read: non existent) in the past couple of weeks. I will have so much more to say, including all of my planning documents, feedback from the Jam and more thoughts on my next steps after tonight. Wish me luck!

new website

27 10 2009

As of today, I officially have a page on Pratt’s Center for Sustainable Design Studies website. It is my hope that the site can eventually become a bit more interactive but, it’s a great start.

breaking through

27 10 2009

I am working on the Better Biking Roundtable/Design Jam and there are always going to be kinks. It was my hope to have EC attend the Jam though I have received notification that he will not be attending at this time. It was a blow to my process however, I believe I can still represent all stakeholders by conducting interviews with those who may not be able to attend. I will be preparing for those to happen this week to arrange for the following week. This is all dependent on a few preliminary conversations that I hope to have today/tomorrow.

DJ said it best; “It is critical that we see the issue[s] from every possible direction in order to have a robust view of the situation and that all of the stakeholders have a way to share their views, concerns and the realities of getting their job done – security, safety, maintenance, etc.” If EC and other facilities/security representatives cannot be present, I must find ways to represent them as best as I can.

The Jam/Roundtable is NOT about creating a place to vent or coming up with one solution; It is about collaborative thinking. As of now, my confirmations are DrA, RS, WS, CJ, EH, JS(?), DMcL, LT, CW, AgK from NYPIRG. I need to send out additional invitations to members of my Peds and Bikes course as well as a few additional faculty members. This needs to happen today.

key stakeholders?

20 10 2009

Design Jam thinking… If I (we) want this to take place, this information needs to go out to all stakeholders now. Decisions need to be made, invitations must be sent and the desired outcome needs to be clarified. I need support in this area and I’m not sure if it will come beforehand. If I’m going to pull it all off, my expectations need to be clear (at least in my head). I will discuss these challenges with CJ today and prepare a more detailed plan for the Jam later today.

and the survey says…

20 10 2009

Excerpt from preliminary survey results

Excerpt from preliminary survey results

…A lot! There has been a total of 674 people respond (as of midnight last night) to the survey. I’m not totally sure yet but I

Excerpt from preliminary survey results

believe that is about a 14% to 15% response rate. To the left is some of the raw data to date. I’m now working on ways to get the survey results in in a presentable format. I am also at the point where I HAVE to get a website together to begin pulling this all of this together. The survey ends on Friday though I believe I have received most of my responses. It is my hope that next week I can begin telling students about the results…somehow. I have sent out a MEMO to EC, ER, DJ, DrA, and WS and have not had any response as of yet. The MEMO included an invitation to the Nov. 5th Design Jam which is in still in the basic planning stage. It has been a real challenge bringing all stakeholders to one table. I have yet to succeed though people are thinking/talking about it. It seems that the best way to communicate is via email however I am finding this form of communication to be limiting.

I am struggling with coordinating everything correctly, making sure all stakeholders are included while also trying to continue moving the project forward. CJ has given me the names of a few people/students to reach out to and have yet to have the time. I hope to do that today. It is clear that there is a strong interest from students on the issues presented in the survey however, what is critical now is getting the information in a form to begin making formal recommendations to the administration. I hope to be able to do this after the Design Jam though without their participation in the Jam, I’m not sure how comprehensive my recommendations will be. Their feedback is crucial. I’m considering moving forward with the Jam preparations invitations this week regardless and seeing what sort of feedback receive from all parties.

I need to get CW back in the game from SGA as he is an important ally. I’m preparing for a meeting with CJ to go over the survey results and hopefully he can provide me with advice on moving forward and keeping the momentum going. After that–I will reach back out to CW to give him an update and see how we can begin working together on the Jam. Maybe another meeting with DrA is necessary? I’m not sure… I will also be sending out a follow-up to my MEMO today (exactly one week after the first email was sent). Should I not receive a response, I may need to change gears a bit…

PSA…now i need to get the survey out

6 10 2009

There needs to be a big push of momentum to get people to begin recognizing that something is going on around biking on campus. I’m hoping this survey will help get the word out. Things have been pushed back a few weeks but the time it is giving me is allowing me to get all my ducks in a line (I think I’ve just always wanted to say that phrase–even if it makes no sense here)… And now—our very own Public Service Announcement.  Thanks BC! TO, you’re fantastic! Thanks for being an awesome sport and lending your acting abilities.