prioritizing the issues

11 02 2010

There were many issues identified at the Design Jam but, the four listed below were the common themes throughout the evening’s discussion–the threads that tied the issues together.  If the recommendations I propose address these four threads, they have the potential to tackle the other problems we’ve identified…

  1. Communication – of policies, safety and security concerns/tips, between responsible departments,
  2. Accessibility – to services (i.e. storage), onto campus (gates and pathways), access to information
  3. Safety – Safe storage, safe streets, safe riding
  4. Respect – for ALL alternative transit modes; the lack of respect on all fronts brings forth more animosity between administration, students, pedestrians, cyclists, skateborders etc…

The four key areas in need of improvement are:

  1. “All modes” policy – policies that address the various alternative modes of transit onto campus
  2. Information accessibility – web and print based info, signage, maps, etc
  3. Physical infrastructure – storage, security cameras, lighting, signage, etc
  4. Administrative continuity – responsible departments, follow-through, organization and clarification



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