potential for mapping

29 01 2010

I had a great meeting today with VH from The Open Planning Project. I’m a big fan of this organization. I think the work they’re doing has enormous potential for improving the ways our city agencies interface with and plan for their communities. VH used the phrase “participatory planning” –it somehow seems to adds another level to the “community based planning” concept.

I also had the opportunity to meet with LB and SS, two other TOPP folks who helped me realize that I needed to focus some of my ideas for the online platform.  In talking with VH today, we discussed the ways in which we can potentially make this mapping component to CAB a reality.  I truly believe it has the ability to impact master planning projects through cities–but I believe that, within a concentrated area, such as with Pratt’s cycling community, we can become intimate with the mapping data and produce a mapped network of information that can eventually be utilized by city governments, master planners, etc.

As I mentioned to VH, I don’t want this project to remain insular to Pratt.  I truly believe that CAB has the potential to benefit and add to the other work that has been done by alternative transit advocacy organizations and agencies.



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