now that i’m on wordpress

27 01 2010

I’m beginning to feel like this project is really coming together.  Though this site is not directly attached to Pratt’s web system, I think it holds a lot of useful information.  It looks good, has page tabs, and has the potential to be an excellent resource that students can contribute to.

I will be continuing to update the “project documents” tab.  This tab will really contain all the PDF files that I’ve made for meetings and communications to faculty, advisors and even participants.  Eventually, I hope to have links (or direct PDFs) of “Pratt’s policies” regarding bikes on campus, safety, security, abandoned bikes etc.  This might be the hardest thing to do though I think this website might help to convince the administration.

I now have to complete the Design Jam notes (i know–still late).  I will then be sending out emails to all the Jam participants to get their feedback on the notes–to see if I missed anything–and then I will finish drafting formal recommendations to the campus facilities/securities director.

Look for much more frequent project updates as I begin moving this project ahead.  I have a lot to do this semester!

Stay tuned…



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