in need of more

26 01 2010

I know. I know. This blog is desperately in need of a formal update. After taking the winter break off from this project completely – I’m now back in the saddle, ready to move this project forward.

Two big accomplishments: The video below, completed by BC and A(last name initial unknown). Very exciting. BC is also looking to put together a video of the Design Jam. I am working on getting still images to post on the blog of the event. The other great feat was getting a direct link to Campus Area Biking’s CSDS website. Click on the bike logo (designed by DJ) and it will take you to the CAB site. The goal is to build up with website to include links to resources, maps, student projects and more–that will be requiring most of my time this spring.

Right now, I am formatting the notes from the Jam (late, I know)and a draft of the formal recommendations will soon follow. Those will be posted (and emailed) for review and comments. After the comment period, I will submit to the main heads on campus, including the President (why not, right?). This semester is all about reaching out with this project. It can no longer remain insular. I will be engaging heavily with the office of Student Affairs, NYPIRG reps and students/faculty directly. Many people have mentioned getting the community board’s transportation rep involved. I like the idea–but not sure yet how best to approach this. It has also been suggested that I narrow my focus on the accomplish-able things. I also agree with this and will spend this week narrowing my focus on what the Spring semester holds for CAB.

Until then, please be patient–updates on the Jam and Draft recommendations are to follow asap. Oh yeah—and…what do you think about a time laps video of the Higgins Hall racks? Hmmm……



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