19 11 2009

I’m in recovery from the Design Jam. Currently, I am transcribing the notes from the evening and putting them into a format that can be uploaded to the blog.

I have also realized the importance of a website and I have been sketching up some ideas that could but potential layouts for information sharing, resources, policies, etc.  I came away from he Design Jam feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  Those who participated had a lot of thoughtful insight and didn’t hold back on their questions or with their suggestions. Though we were missing key reputation from security and facilities (WS and RS both had the flu), I think there was a substantial amount of representation from other administrators which was extremely valuable.

In the coming days, I will be uploading the information gathered from the Jam, my personal “take-aways”, lessons learned, and next steps. It is an ambitions goal, but it is my plan to have a completed set of formal recommendations out to the campus administration before the end of the fall semester. That means receiving public feedback via the website and this blog as soon as possible. To accomplish this, I must have a draft prepared and completed after the Thanksgiving holiday break and then up for comment for a week–maybe two. I will then submit formal recommendations after that point. Hopefully, I will be able to arrange a formal meeting with (at least) EC and hopefully ER to present my findings and my recommendations. Right now for me, motivation is key…



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