breaking through

27 10 2009

I am working on the Better Biking Roundtable/Design Jam and there are always going to be kinks. It was my hope to have EC attend the Jam though I have received notification that he will not be attending at this time. It was a blow to my process however, I believe I can still represent all stakeholders by conducting interviews with those who may not be able to attend. I will be preparing for those to happen this week to arrange for the following week. This is all dependent on a few preliminary conversations that I hope to have today/tomorrow.

DJ said it best; “It is critical that we see the issue[s] from every possible direction in order to have a robust view of the situation and that all of the stakeholders have a way to share their views, concerns and the realities of getting their job done – security, safety, maintenance, etc.” If EC and other facilities/security representatives cannot be present, I must find ways to represent them as best as I can.

The Jam/Roundtable is NOT about creating a place to vent or coming up with one solution; It is about collaborative thinking. As of now, my confirmations are DrA, RS, WS, CJ, EH, JS(?), DMcL, LT, CW, AgK from NYPIRG. I need to send out additional invitations to members of my Peds and Bikes course as well as a few additional faculty members. This needs to happen today.



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