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9 09 2009


the bike racks at pratt…

9 09 2009

It isn't attached to the ground! Located at Main Gate

if they aren’t attached to the ground…then they are over crowded.

Overcrowded Racks located by Pratt Studios


1 09 2009

Today marks the beginning. The beginning of my blog, the beginning of the fall semester, the beginning of September, the beginning of my thesis project. Tomorrow, I will be presenting my thesis proposal, Campus Area Biking, to, pretty much, the heads of Pratt Institute. The objectives: to give a brief overview of the project, and to gather feedback from the guys who will ultimately say, “yea” or “nae”.

In short, Campus Area Biking is a student-generated initiative designed to establish a process and a platform on which student groups and campus Facilities can build and develop a model bike program that functions within the constraints of an urban college campus. Using different analysis, mapping studies, site surveys, and community outreach, the hope is to utilize web-based systems to build an online platform that will bring stakeholders together and create an extensive bike program. I’ve never created a website but I’m hoping the Pratt IT department will help me out with that…

Using on campus resources as well as outside resources such as NYCDOT, Times-up New York, Transportation Alternatives, ultimately, the goal is to develop optimal infrastructure and solutions that will better serve students’ biking needs while simultaneously working with the administration to insure biking to-and-from Pratt is safe and less problematic for campus Facilities and Security. Programs like this exist on other sprawling campuses (check out UC Davis) but nothing has been successfully completed on an urban campus.

In New York City, it’s almost silly that nothing like this exists so, I’ve taken it on. I hope to rally support from campus administration but most of all, I hope to get students involved! There are hundreds of us at Pratt who bike (and many that don’t) and feel that a better biking program on campus would add to campus life and to bettering NYC as a whole. This blog will document my projects process, things I like/loathe related to biking, biking stories, bike resources and more…