to-do #1: blog about meeting

17 09 2009

On Tuesday I met with CJ, EH, DJ, RS (glad he came!), and two new folks, C and P (last initials unknown) from SGA. Great meeting!! Reviewed my presentation that was done for ER and friends and discussed the progress made. I have now successfully gotten all parties involved. Not all are at the table together, but in attempting to create a collaborative process, I think I’ve been successful thus far. At the meeting we discussed the projects next steps and DJ was quick to suggest a great way of getting students involved in the planning process in a way I hadn’t thought about…ask them straight up. I’m not sure if the administration would be entirely open to this however, I think they could be persuaded. Students have a lot of great insight, that’s why I want their input. I thought the best way would be to survey them but, that doesn’t necessarily give us the information we need to make decisions. Instead, CJ and DJ said–and RS for that matter–said, treat these things separately. The “design jam”–to use DJ’s term, would be a way to actively generate practical ideas: – present the problem. – present the complexities. – say–these are some things that are on the table. what would you do? This engages students in a way of thinking and working with the administration that is far more productive. The survey, on the other hand, offers insight into usage. Less of an opinion survey and more of a “how do you use bikes?” questionnaire. This will offer useful information for the projects “platform”–the online component. As CJ pointed out, there are two stages almost: the “project” (read: bike racks and policies) and the “platform” (read: the collaborative, creative, information/research based component). The trick is to have them both inform the other. I need to provide EC, ER and WS with the following: – recommendations, – requests for further study – and a time line. This must be detailed, realistic, and somehow demonstrate to them the practical reasoning for the ways I’m going to achieve the “practical” I came away from that meeting feeling high on what I had accomplished. It’s all coming together now, and I can see the challenges and I can see the beauty. This is real. CJ is excited. I could tell by his follow up email. This is certainly an exciting can of worms… Honestly, I’m nervous…



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