getting more people involved

11 09 2009

I’m still thinking about my meeting with EC,ER,RS and WS. It was a productive meeting. It didn’t go as I had hoped or expected, but I think I have a clear understanding of what the facility/security offices feel is their priority. –more bike racks and where should they be placed– CAB was sparked by my feeling that there was a lack of bike racks on campus so clearly, with ER, EC and WS in agreement with me here, this is a huge win for the start of Campus Area Biking. What I have since realised is that I want Campus Area Biking to be more than just bike racks. I see this project being mapping studies, student driven projects, innovative designs, new policies, practical layouts for bike storage, community enrichment, bike advocacy… What I want to bring to Pratt is a different approach at handling bike policy and planning on campus and hopefully beyond. I now know, I can’t do this alone. I don’t have the knowledge, the talk, the right go-ahead to get that going. There are so many organizations who are ready and willing to lend a hand. I’ve got the ideas but now it’s time to get others involved. And fast… ER wants me to come up with a plan fast…real fast–like yesterday fast so, I need to get it together and broaden my resource base if I want it to be anything like I imagine in my head.



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